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General information


  • First name VINCENZO
  • Last name INCONTRO
  • Languages English
  • Function/Role Director
  • Organisation Other
  • Marine Protected Areas
    • Plemmirio


  • Address
    Piazza Euripide 21 96100 Siracusa
  • Country Italy
  • Phone 0039-0931449310
  • Fax 0039-0931449954
  • Mobile phone 0039-3358276704
  • Website
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1. Marine resource protection

Regulatory development

Permit system for human activities

Collaborative Planning and Partnerships


Enforcement and surveillance

2. Marine resource management

Management Plan Development

Management of Fishing

  • Mesfide - Lampuga Projetc

    Languages :

    Types of product :

    • Informative/education material
    • Publications

Management of Recreational Fishing

Management of tourism

Implementation of adaptive management measures

3. Research and monitoring

Site Characterization - socioeconomic data


Carrying out a needs assessment to determine research/monitoring priorities


4. Education and outreach


  • Twinning programme with Miramare MPA on “Environmental Interpretation Plan”

    Languages :

    Types of product :

    • Methods or guidelines
    • Informative/education material
    • Management tool
    • Publications


Volunteer Programs

Visitor Centre/Signage

5. Administration and operations

Budget planning for program or project development

Identification of outside funding sources and fundraising

Sustainable Financing

6. Technical skills and knowledge

Data Management (database, website)