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General information


  • First name Lidija
  • Last name POPOVIC
  • Languages English
  • Function/Role Project officer
  • Organisation MedCEM


  • Address
    Petrovac Obala bb 85.300
  • Country Montenegro
  • Phone +39 1925790219
  • Fax +38230316054
  • Mobile phone +38269676639
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1. Marine resource protection

Regulatory development

Collaborative Planning and Partnerships


Enforcement and surveillance

Maritime heritage

2. Marine resource management

Management Plan Development

Management of Fishing

Management of tourism

3. Research and monitoring

Site Characterization - biological data

  • Planned inventory dives on the location of the future MPA

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  • Development and functioning of "Caulerpa Alarm Center of Montenegro", which envisaged entire strategy of coping with this invasive species

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  • Founding NGO "Mediterranean Center For Environmental Monitoring" (MedCEM)

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Carrying out a needs assessment to determine research/monitoring priorities


  • Popovic L, Matko U. and Ilic M. (2006) The New Ecological Issue off the Coast of Montenegro: An Algae Invasion. An Opportunity for Regional Cooperation?; Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Vol. 6, No. 3, September 2006, pp. 371–375, Routledge

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4. Education and outreach