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General information


  • First name Nicolas
  • Last name DALIAS
  • Languages French English
  • Function/Role Director
  • Organisation SEANEO


  • Address
    SEANEO 8 Rue Claude Berri 66000 PERPIGNAN
  • Country France
  • Phone 00 33 6 20 11 58 75
  • Fax
  • Mobile phone 00 33 6 20 11 58 75
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1. Marine resource protection

Regulatory development

Permit system for human activities

Collaborative Planning and Partnerships


Enforcement and surveillance

Maritime heritage

2. Marine resource management

Management Plan Development

Management of Fishing

Management of Recreational Fishing

Management of tourism

Implementation of adaptive management measures

3. Research and monitoring

Site Characterization - biological data

Site Characterization - socioeconomic data


Carrying out a needs assessment to determine research/monitoring priorities

Assessment of the economic value of an MPA


4. Education and outreach



5. Administration and operations

Budget planning for program or project development

Identification of outside funding sources and fundraising

Sustainable Financing

6. Technical skills and knowledge

Geospatial Skills

Data Management (database, website)